Delivering Full Stack Foundational Software Services

Innovating with RISC-V and Open Source



Provide customized services based on open-source simulators, including Spike, QEMU, GEM5, and other instruction simulations, board-level simulations, and full-system simulations.

Operating System

Provide system-level adaptation for new platforms and architectures.Additionally, provide comprehensive adaptation and optimization from RTOS to Linux systems.


Provide GCC/LLVM-based adaptation services for X86_64, ARM, and RISC-V mainstream chips. Additionally, provide MLIR and AI-oriented GPU/TPU optimized implementations of TVM.

Embedded Chip

Provide one-stop solutions for mainstream embedded platforms, such as ARM and RISC-V, including bare system adaptation, RTOS adaptation, driver development, build platform development, etc.


Provide customized development from the underlying SDK to the upper-layer IDE development tools based on Visual Studio Code and Eclipse.


Provide expert consultation on mainstream architectures such as RISC-V and ARM, simulators, embedded chip development, operating systems, etc.

System Security Maintenance

Provides CVE patch maintenance and related services to ensure the security of upstream and downstream AOSP systems.


We Have more than 10 Years of Experience in Foundational Software such as Compilers, Virtual Machines, Simulators, etc

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